Native Art

The Native Artist

Sandra Moore (Sam), owner of Creators Gifts, will be 67 years young in 2023. Her goal has been, and remains, to provide education to as many people as she can to ensure that traditional native art doesn’t disappear.  Sandra believes it serves no purpose if she doesn’t pass on the knowledge she has gained in regard to caribou hair tufting, birch bark/porcupine quill work, regalia and other sewing ie: ribbon skirts and shirts, moss bags, bundle bags, etc. She is grounded in her culture and to date has taught hundreds of learners traditional native art while incorporating traditional and contemporary resources.

Native Art Classes

Local area classes are held in the teaching space in the basement of Sandra’s home.  Participants must be able to go up and down stairs.  The atmosphere is light, personal, and inviting.  Sandra teaches everything she can about native art so that participants have the education they need to go out and do native art themselves. Sandra does offer class instruction at sites away from her home. If you are interested in this, please contact Sam directly for more information and scheduling.

Class size is limited to 12 participants per session.  If you book and pay but then have to withdraw, money will be refunded in full if we can secure another participant and cancellation is at least 28 days prior to the starting class.  If you withdraw between 28 days and 14 days from the start date of your class, whether or not a new participant is found, money will be refunded at 50% of cost.  Participants who withdraw with less than 2 weeks until the start of class will not receive a refund in money paid.  Participants who sign up and pay but don’t attend a class will not be refunded for any missed classes.

Quill on Birch Bark

Cariboo Hair Tufting

New Facebook Page!

Hello Everyone!

On May 8th, a hacker took over our Creators Gifts and my personal Facebook pages and subsequently, Facebook took both pages off line. Attempts to resolve this failed as Facebook is not very responsive to these issues after the fact. So now, we have a new Facebook page – Creative Gifts Fabrics and Art – to be found at: